Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giving it another try !!

Well Christmas Has Came and went thought  I would try Blogging again I love reading everyone elses Blogs and thought maybe you would like to read mine Christmas came and went so fast we never really got to enjoy it our whole family was sick with the stomach flu so we just hung around the house we did get to have Christmas eve here at my place and it was good all my siblings and there families came and My mom came and spent the night so she was here when my kids got up Christmas Morning to open presents and that ment alot to me !!I hope every one hada  wonderful Christmas and I cant wait to see what the new year brings .

Monday, April 12, 2010


WEll My Hubby and I are Dieting i need to loose some weight and he needs to get his Sugar under control we have been doing good for the past week i lost 4lbs and he goes this week to the Dr to see how his Sugar is Doing . Our Only Problem is we dont want to eat the same things over and over ( as he says please no more salads ) .I would love to Find some good recipes for Diabetic Meals that would work for our WHole family , because at Supper Time i want to make one meal not one for us then another for the kids . I would love to hear anyideas or tried and true recipes that any one has tried !!!  Well wish us luck on this new adventure because we are going to need it ( we were big snackers lol) and i will Keep you updated on the progess !!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plain Promises By Beth Wiseman is a must read i loved it such a heart warming Novel , its from her Daughters of the Promise series and its About an Amish girl named Linda who has to come to terms with finding out at 17 she is adopted her parents never thought they could have a child and wanting a big family they decided to to adopt a child . They always wanted to tell her but they just could not bring them selves to tell her until they had no choice when her Birth Mother comes back into her Life . Lindas Birth Mother Josie want to reconect with her before its to late !  This story is filled with hope and faith that will help Linda choose who her Real Mother is .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Mountains trip planned

So Excited we have planned a Spring trip to the Mountains For Easter weekend !!  This is something I have wanted to do for a while. My dad use to take us on different little trips to the Mountains when ever he could and we are starting this tradition with our kids this year .So our first one is Easter weekend we are renting a cabin at a state park called Watoga !!!
these are some of the cabins at Watoga not sure which one we will get. I do know its 6 person and its a Modern cabin with everything there that we need except our food . It will have electric and running water no t.v. my kids will not know what to do with them selves

We are planning on visiting a few places while we are there one of the places is Bear Town State park they have a wonderful little hiking path you can walk along , this is a place my dad took us to and i loved it hopeing my kids do too !!
If weather is Permitting we are hopeing to go for a 2hr train ride on the Cass Scenic Rail Road My Youngest Son Donnie loves trains and i think he will love this

and to Finish off our little trip we are takeing them to the French Creek Game farm its a wild life park that  has  animals that are from  WV we have been here before and the boys just love it the park has black bears , elk, Deer, Otters , fox and so many more animals . we are planning a picnic Lunch and a day of wonderful family fun .

I am just so excited to take the boys on this trip we dont get to go on many vacations so this is the start of some wonderful mini vacations so we can make some wonderful family Memories .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter is on its way !

Donnie and I just got done putting up our Easter Decorations on the inside and hopeing to get the ones up outside  this weekend i love decorating for all the different holidays and seasons I keep a pencil tree in the corner of my kitchen to decorate every season !

Spring is one of my favorites i love all the bright beautiful colors, the bunny rabbits and chicks and most of all the Easter eggs

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Blessings

Well the rain came to crows run been wet here since Friday night thank goodness we only got light rain compared to what they had at first thought we would get . I am Off to church soon I teach a Sunday School class and it is one of my biggest Joys inlife other then my Family . We attend the Trinity United Methodist Church here in Reader WV . It's just a little old country church we dont have a big congregation usally around 45 to 50 people , but i could not ask for a better Church family . I also wanted to Let every one know i am hopeing to get started on a spring patchwork quilt for my porch swing soon and i will post picks soon as I get it going. I have been looking at so many wonderful crafts that so many post about and thought i would share one of mine so look for it  soon . Happy Sunday all have a blessed day that our wonderful Lord has gave us !!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today the Sun is shining so far here in Crows run but by evening they are saying rain for us we are even under a weather alert for Flooding .  I have a new passion i made a promise that for 2010 i would try atleast one new recipe a week for our family get us out of this rut we have been in . well in this process i got out a few cookbooks i have but have never really used i got them for gifts and had glanced thru them but never really read them . The Other night i opened up one and wow was i surprised they are wonderful not only does most of the recipes sound yummy there is so much more little stories and extra little ideas . These cookbooks are Gooseberry Patch cookbooks  I love them and since then i have bought 3 more on ebay if any one has these cookbooks they know exactly what i am talking about .  I can not wait to collect many more and start shareing some of the recipes with friends and family .